Why Choose Us?

We are I.T. professionals with over two decades of proven impeccable service for some of the largest companies in the world. We strongly believe in the “can do” attitude of our clients. No client is too small for us and our talented team is committed to helping our clients advance their business through technology.

All businesses regardless of size should have access to best tech talent and the best technology available.

Your Problems are NOT Just Another Ticket Number!

When you have a problem, the absolute last thing you would want to hear is, “Put in a ticket and someone will get back to you.” Not only is this frustrating, but it also gives you zero peace of mind knowing if and when you’re issue will be resolves. That’s where we come in… We bring the human element back to technology by NOT issuing our clients a ticket number; instead, we personally communicate with our clients, reply to their emails to let them know how and when their issue will be resolved.

We are Security Focused Inside and Out

We take strong measures in making sure the systems we use to maintain your information are protected and locked down all of the time, 24/7/365. All of our critical systems are protected with two-factor authentication systems and our client data is stored on encrypted systems. It is an extra cost we incur, but being we are oriented towards our client and their needs, privacy and security are a paramount priority to us.

We Believe in Open Source

We just don’t talk about open source solutions we use them. Our business runs on open source systems, our in-house and data center servers are running on Linux & FreeBSD